This Designer Created Adobe-Inspired Chocolates to Win Potential Clients


As a professional photographer, getting noticed by potential clients means getting creative. Don’t just send out postcards or basic mailers to the art directors you want to work with; take a leaf out of designer April Hansen‘s playbook instead.

In a bid to stand out from the competition, Hansen created these fun Adobe-inspired chocolate bars that ensure no interviewer or potential client will toss her CV or mailer onto the “get to it when I can” pile.

The delicious business cards bars are Ritter Sport chocolate bars with custom-made Adobe-inspired icons attached to the front and back. The chocolate bars are transformed into Photoshop (“PSst we’d make great work together”), Illustrator (“I always AIm to exceed expectations”), and InDesign (“I’D love to work with you”) icons with Hansen’s contact info and skills listed on the back as nutrition information. Take a look:






This fun project was published way back in May on Hansen’s Behance, and we’re betting she’s already had some luck finding work. But even if she hasn’t, the press her creative idea is getting this week is bound to help.

To see these chocolate bar creations in high res, head over to Behance by clicking here.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: All photos by April Hansen, used under CC license.

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