Polarizing lens filters help your camera see the world in a new light… literally. If you’ve never used a polarizing filter before, check out this great 3-minute video by photographer Christopher Frost in which he discusses why these filters are so neat and how to use them.

At about 35-seconds into the video, Frost shows a series of real world scenes in which he “turns” the polarizing filter “on and off” by turning the filter on his lens to eliminate certain reflections:

As you can see, the filters allow you to “magically” see through reflections in water and glass, and you can even see the titles on books that were otherwise obscured by strong glare.

Photography has gone increasingly digital over the past several years, but circular polarizers still do something that can’t be done digitally.

You can find more photography videos by Frost on his YouTube channel. If you find his content helpful, you can also support him through Patreon.

(via Christopher Frost via Reddit)

P.S. A few years ago we shared a video on how to make the most of a polarizing filter.

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