These CGI Renders Are Actually Real Photos


These days, more and more of what you think are real photos are actually CGI renderings. But have you seen “CGI renderings” that are actually real photos?

The Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgle recently decided to experiment with that idea. They shot a series of photographs that look just like computer renderings demonstrating 3D graphics.

“The photos’ artifacts, surroundings, camera settings and lighting has been shaped intending to resemble 3d graphics of different types,” Skrekkøgle writes.

Here are the 4 photos in the project, which is titled “Still File,” with each image followed by a behind-the-scenes look that reveals how the shot was created:

Photo #1: Geometric Shapes


The team placed a cube, sphere, and cone made of mahogany wood, clear glass, and white marble on a reflective checkers plane.


Photo #2: Cube with Banding


A colored cube was placed on a metal stand in front of a low resolution grayscale background for gradient banding:


Photo #3: Utah Teapots


3D printed teapots were placed on a matte yellow plane with diffuse lighting to look like CGI teapots that were scaled, rotated, intersected, and distorted.


Photo #4: Metal Spheres


Metal spheres arranged in a cube were placed on a reflective plane with a panoramic photo wrapped around for a reflection.


Skrekkøgle is the same design duo that shot real-world objects as miniatures back in 2011 by placing a gigantic replica coin on them.

Image credits: Photographs by Skrekkøgle and used with permission

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