Will the Insta360 X4 outperform the 1-Inch 360 Edition? I test the two cameras side by side in the day, dusk and night.

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Plenty of people have been wondering if the new Insta360 X4, with its 8K resolution and new chip, can out perform the 1-Inch 36 Edition.

In this comparison video I focussed quite heavily on performance in non-daylight conditions as many people have been curious about the low light performance of the X4.

The 1-Inch 360 Edition is larger and heavier than the X4 and feature 1 Inch sensors that are twice the size of those in the X4.

In this video I show you various side by side shots with the X4 and the 1 Inch 360 Edition including videos and photos using the various mode available in both cameras.

►Read a full comparison with the full specs of each camera here: https://www.threesixtycameras.com/insta360-x4-vs-1-inch-360-edition-low-light-comparisons/

Which came out on top? Will there be an update to the 1 Inch 360?

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If you are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading from your X3 to the X4 then this is the video to watch. Let me know what you think of the X4 in the comments.

🖥️You can Also read my hands on Insta360 X4 review here: https://www.threesixtycameras.com/insta360-x4-hands-on-review-8k/

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