Snapchat Spectacles Go on Sale in Pop-Up ‘Snapbot’ Vending Machines


Snapchat’s new Spectacles camera glasses just went on sale today. Instead of offering them through an online store, however, Snapchat is selling them through pop-up “Snapbot” vending machines that show up in various locations for a single day.

“Snapbots are our very own vending machines that dispense Spectacles and never seem to stay in one location for too long,” Snap says. Upcoming Snapbot locations are revealed a day ahead of time through an online map.

If you ever do find your way to a physical Snapbot, simply press one of the large circular buttons to check out the Black, Coral, and Teal glasses. Once you’ve decided, insert a credit or debit card to buy your $129 camera shades.

10 seconds later, the Bot’s mouth lights up and your glasses are ready for extraction from the slot (a receipt also slides out from a separate slot):


The first Snapbot showed up in Los Angeles today, and a huge crowd formed as people lined up for a chance to buy one of the first Spectacles.

The first circular videos shot with the Spectacles have started appearing as well:

If you’d like a chance to get your hands on Spectacles, keep your eye on the Snapbot online map and see if one ever shows up at a location near you.

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