People Spent $1.6 Million on Dock that Adds Ports BACK to the MacBook Pro

This is mind blowing when you really think about it. HyperDrive, a product created specifically to add ports back to the newest version of Apple’s MacBook Pros, has raised nearly $1.6 million from over 17,000 people desperate to undo one of Apple’s biggest hardware goofs to date.

Apple’s decision to remove ports—including the coveted SD card slot, which Phil Schiller called ‘cumbersome’—is one of the most widely criticized design decisions Apple has ever made. But it’s also been extremely lucrative for accessory makers.

In lieu of spending copious amounts of money on individual dongles from Apple, people have flocked to products like this dock and the HyperDrive, throwing money away on rolling back their ports.

There’s no way of knowing just how much money has been spent on different solutions trying to fix the MacBook Pros’ most glaring issue; but since HyperDrive is on Kickstarter, we do know how much people have spent on this one single solution: nearly $1.6 million.

At $70 each, HyperDrive isn’t necessarily a cheap fix, but it’s definitely cheaper than buying all of these ports as separate adapters. If you’re interested, you have three more days to jump on the bandwagon on Kickstarter… if you haven’t already switched back to Windows in protest.

(via Resource Magazine)

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