Olympus Digital Cameras Problems, Rants & Raves

Two Olympus digital camera problems that seem to be common with the compacts and the SLR cameras is the ability to get them fixed and problem focusing. The SLR problem is with different lens selections. The lens selections for the SLR digital cameras seem to be sparse. The problem finding different size lens is not as much as a problem as it is an inconvenience for those who need different size lens for professional photos. If you need the SLR cameras with many different lenses, you might need to see which cameras have the most interchangeable lens available.

The Olympus digital camera problems with getting the cameras fixed seems to be a common problem for everyone. It appears that there are only a handful of repair shops that work on these makes of cameras. It may be that these cameras are not prone to as many problems as other makes and models. The digital cameras from Olympus are made durable and withstand some incredible shocks. There was one problem with the Olympus Stylus 770 SW underwater. It appears that this camera can be used underwater, but does tend to flood and stop working.

The Olympus digital camera problems are small compared to other camera makes and models. It does seem that if you do have repair issues, you will more than likely have to send the camera back to the company to have it fixed. Other than these few issues, the Olympus seems to be a nice camera to have and use. Some problems reported with the Olympus digital cameras come from user error, but even those problems are minimal. It is still best to compare different cameras and look at reviews, which can tell you a lot about the cameras, and any current problems that may arise when using the cameras.

Source by Chris Campbell