Experience Mars on Earth with ‘The Martian’ in VR

    The recent Hollywood blockbuster The Martian staring Matt Damon has received positive reviews all round, and Fox Star Studios has been using virtual reality technology to help promote the film. The studio hired Active Media Innovations to help in the promotion, with an objective to make audiences experience virtual Mars.

    Using Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) technology visitors could see the real-life terrain and surroundings of Mars. The experience was not only appreciated by audiences but also by the ISRO scientists who experienced Mars with the Oculus Rift, during a special screening of the film.

    The Martian

    “The euphoria amongst the audience after experiencing innovation really makes us feel exultant. A successful innovation is a proper blend of creativity, technology and hard work. Appreciation from, the scientist form ISRO was the real achievement of our immense hard work and sincere research. We hope that our association with 20th Century Fox goes along with their upcoming movies,” said Emraan Kureshi, Founder and Managing Director, Active Media Innovations in a statement.

    Active Media Innovations created another experience using life-size Holography, an anti-gravity stunt, to enhance the users’ experience. The Holography station was installed in major cinema halls to create a wow factor.

    VRFocus will continue to report on the latest uses of VR technology, as companies continue to expand its use.


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