Matterhorn: 360 degrees of virtual reality

One hand after another, one boot after another. Climbing a mountain takes patience, perseverance and experience. We take you to the top of the most famous Swiss mountain without any training, walking or climbing.

On your computer, tablet or mobile device you can now experience climbing the Matterhorn mountain in virtual reality (VR). You can enhance the experience through Google cardboardOculus rift or a range of other goggles.

Click on the mountain below to get started!

Take in a 360-degree view of the sun rising over its peak. Stand at the small mountain hut where ambitious climbers eat their last meal before they head off into the early morning air to make their own ascent of the mountain. Experience a 3D panorama of the breathtaking, snowy ridge that awaits alpinists who reach the summit.

2015 marks 150 years since the first ascent of the Matterhorn. It was a triumph marred by tragedy as four of the original climbing party of seven, lost their lives on that day, plunging down the mountainside to their deaths. has been working with the people who know the mountain the best – the mountain guides, climbers and direct descendants of those on the first climb, to bring you as close as possible to this iconic landmark. Hear from the man who safeguards the Matterhorn’s history in a museum dedicated to its story – take a closer look at the broken pieces of the rope used on that fateful day in 1865, the shoes, rosary beads and hat worn by members of the climbing party. Meet an alpinist who has summited the Matterhorn 400 times and who now welcomes fellow climbers at the well-known Hörnli mountain hut – the overnight stop for those making the ascent the next day.

But most of all, take in every ridge, rock and snow-dusted boulder as you stand surrounded by some of the most beautiful alpine views in the world.

(Production: Matthias Taugwalder/CONCEPT360, Text: Jo Fahy)