#MannequinChallenge, Photographer Edition

The #MannequinChallenge is a new viral obsession that has been taking off over the past couple of weeks. It involves shooting a short video in which everyone in the shot stays perfectly motionless like mannequins, frozen in time as they go about their lives. Above is an example by Julian Restrepo.

“As professionals we’re too proud and sometimes we think it’s ridiculous, but this new challenge has proved to be a fun one to create and watch,” Restrepo tells PetaPixel. “I was in the middle of a production when the whole team decided to take on the Challenge and even my client joined.”

Here’s a second challenge video he made with another moment in the photo shoot frozen in time:

“I’m happy and honored to have such great clients that allow me to have fun while working,” Restrepo writes.

It seems that Restrepo was beaten to the punch by Hillary Clinton’s campaign photographer, Barbara Kinney, who can be seen freezing for the challenge earlier this week in the cabin of a plane:

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