Listen to DSLR Shutters Drowning Out Trump’s Meeting with Obama

President-elect Trump met with President Obama for the first time this week, and the short press conference afterward can be seen in the 3-minute video above. But politics aside, the video has people talking for a different reason: everyone’s pointing out how loud and obnoxious the press photographers’ DSLRs are.

Here’s a sampling of some of the top voted comments on YouTube:

“Am i the only f***ing one that couldn’t hear s**t because of the picture sounds?!!”

“They should have picked a better time to open all those bags of chips”

“In case you could hear, here is a full dialogue: ‘click click click click clack, cllicjckkkckkc click clack cclickckc’”

“Can’t believe these reporter still using typewriter :P”

“I wonder how the hell Obama put up with those obnoxious camera noises for 8 years.”

“how many pictures do you need DAMN!!”

“Those cameras are so loud it’s almost comedic.”

“Sounds like world war 3 has started in the background”

“Everytime Obama paused after talking, it seemed like he was saying in his mind: ‘Can you please just stop with the pictures, it’s really annoying.’”

“There needs to be a ban on Fully Automatic Assault Cameras….so f***ing annoying!”

If you’d like to silence your own camera that doesn’t have a silent shooting mode, you may want to invest in a sound blimp.

(via ABC News via Reddit)

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