Leica M10 Seen in New Leaked Photos


It seems that Leica has a new M10 digital rangefinder up its sleeve. New leaked photos show a camera with that model number and a new physical design.

The photos were first published yesterday by the Japanese digital camera rumor website Nokishita. The first leaked (above) image shows the front of the camera with a lens mounted, and a second image shows the informational label on the baseplate of the camera.


The label shows that the camera has “M10” as the model and “3656” as the type number. A frameline preview lever has returned to the front of the camera.

On the top edge of the camera, where the film rewind lever was traditionally found in M rangefinders, we see what Leica Rumors reports is a new ISO dial.


Assuming that is a new ISO dial, owners of the M10 will be able to quickly select their desired ISO through an always present physical dial instead of having to navigate through the camera’s digital menu system.

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