Fujifilm SQ10 is the First Hybrid Instax Camera: Digital Pics and Square Prints

Fujifilm has just announced the new Instax Square SQ10, a new hybrid instant camera that brings back the iconic square picture look popularized by Polaroid.

The SQ10 is a hybrid camera because it can create both instant and digital photos. On the instant side of things, the SQ10 is the first Fujifilm camera to use the company’s new Instax Square Film format — 1:1 aspect ratio photos that measure 86×72mm.

“The SQ10 uses a new INSTAX SQUARE Film format that delivers exceptional image quality with numerous artistic expressions,” Fujifilm says. “This new system takes the image quality of INSTAX to the next level and allows everyone to add a creative, artistic edge to their photography with an intuitive interface designed especially for the SQ10.”

On the digital side, the SQ10 is also the first Instax camera to feature a built-in digital camera. At the core is a 1/4-inch CMOS sensor with a primary color filter that produces 1920×1920-pixel digital JPEG photos. The internal memory can store around 50 photos, and the storage can be upgraded via a microSD card slot. Around 160 photos can be shot with a single charge — via Micro USB — of the rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The front of the camera features a 28.5mm fixed focal length lens (the 35mm equivalent) with an f/2.4 aperture. On the back you’ll find a 3-inch color LCD screen with a resolution of 460K dots. Underneath the camera is a standard tripod mount.

Once you’ve shot a digital photo, you can instantly turn it into an Instax Square picture by printing from either internal memory or your memory card.

Other features and specs include a minimum focusing distance of 4 inches (10cm), automatic exposure control, facial recognition, autofocus, a dual shutter system (left and right buttons that double as function buttons), 10 different filters, vignette control, brightness adjustment, live view, and built-in photo editing.

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 will be available starting in May 2017 for $280. A pack of 10 square film shots will be available at the same time for $17.

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