Fruit Ninja IRL: Guys Attach GoPros to a Sword and Cut Stuff in Slow Motion

Step 1: Attach 2 GoPros to a katana. Step 2: Cut stuff in slow motion. Step 3: There is no step three.

It looks like the folks over at YouTube channel Sam and Nico have found something that works: attaching GoPros to weaponry. First they put a GoPro Session on an arrow, then they slapped that same GoPro onto a custom made air canon projectile.

Now,e it’s time to attach a GoPro to a sword, cut some fruit in slow motion, and create real life Fruit Ninja.

This is not the first time someone has decided to slap a GoPro onto a sword and share the footage, but Sam and Nico’s approach is a bit more involved than a single GoPro staring at the handle.

They used two GoPros in various orientations to try and capture a more panoramic shot. Then, rather than just moving the sword around, they actually cut through a small field’s worth of watermelons while recording at 120fps. The resulting footage is oddly enjoyable to watch:

The whole video was created as proof of concept for an action shot that Wren is trying to set up, so it wasn’t just “let’s slap a GoPro on a sword for the heck of it.” Even if it was, we probably wouldn’t complain.

Check out the full video up top to watch them struggle to make these shots work; you can jump straight to about 4:50 if you want to skip most of the prep.

(via Laughing Squid)

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