Ep. 159: How to Act the Fool and Ruin Things for Other Photographers – and more

Episode 159 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: USA Today photojournalist and Sports Shooter co-founder, Robert Hanashiro

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USA Today photojournalist and Sports Shooter co-founder, Robert Hanashiro opens the show. Thanks Robert!

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A photographer behaves badly at a Ryan Adams concert and complains afterward. (#)

Olympus stops making lenses for a mount many thought was already abandoned. (#)

A foolish person gets their van stuck in the Badwater Basin salt flats, ruining the landscape for years to come. (#)

PhotoPills announces the availability of its app on the Android platform. (#)

Sony announces a pricey, but incredibly cool app available in its PlayMemories store. (#)

Lens maker Veydra gets robbed of approximately $200,000 US in inventory. (#)

DJI takes issue with the FAA’s assessment of how heavy a drone has to be before posing a risk to humans and requiring registration. (#)


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