Comdex and CES Shows – 2010 is Intense – What Will Comdex and CES Las Vegas 2011 Be Like?

At the Las Vegas CES show this year it was amazing to watch the strategies employed, it appeared as if Nokia was trying to preempt the launch of Google’s New Phone, which we learned later would be the Nexus One. Nokia told of its GPS feature which would be standard on its smart phone models – some ten different handsets in fact. And not just any old GPS, we are talking turn-by-turn GPS features. Move over Garmin, Tom Tom, and DeLorme.

Not only was Nokia doing a little tidy’ing up on the smart phone market share front, but also sending some shock waves through the personal GPS markets as well. The Ovi Maps software which run the Nokia turn-to-turn GPS system runs in 75 nations and you can speak to it with voice recognition software in nearly 50 languages. Can you say; “Ah, Hello artificial intelligence!”

Interestingly enough, did you know that Nokia made nearly a billion dollars in profit in 2009 and sold some 1.46 million handsets, and even with the market share attack now from Apple and Google in the sexy, and sleek smart phone space, 2010 appears good for Nokia in world-wide sales. Nokia’s Symbian 4 Operating System is quite the advancement as well, apparently attempting to not fall too far behind Apple’s 3GS iPhone.

In the future we can expect even more features, perhaps, holographic cell phone video conferencing, or perhaps, projection cell phone with mobile TV interface, anyway, if it can be dreamed, these personal tech gurus of science and industry will deliver, you can count on that, for sure!

For 2011, it appears to me that 3D TV will have some new features to look forward too, such as eye-tracking using your 3D headsets, and perhaps the first holographic projection phone prototypes, albeit, perhaps too expensive for the average citizen and only able to run on 4G networks, with an exorbitant or outrageous calling plan. Sound too far-fetched to you? It shouldn’t really.

Indeed, your smart phone may be linked to your living room VR gaming center, and pull snap shots or video from your real world to be replayed in a video fashion online, alone, or networked with friends. All this is coming too, and considering the iPhone, iPad, video projection smart phones, real time GPS, etc. it only makes sense that this is the next logical step and natural progression. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow