Pro Form 495 Pi Teadmill-A Review To Help You Determine If The Pro Form Is Best For You

There are very few treadmills that can stack up with the Pro Form 495 pi treadmill. Pro form is notorious for their great quality, and this machine is no exception.

Pro form treadmills offer a machine for any budget. Whether you are looking for a top of the line machine or an economical one that is sufficient for your workout needs, Pro form has an offering for you. This article is a review of the Pro Form 495 pi treadmill and how it can benefit your health.

Here are some of the features offered by the Pro Form 495 pi treadmill. First of all, this model is perfect if you are on a budget and simply looking for a machine with some basic features to help you with your workout goals. If you are looking for a top of the line machine, then probably isn’t the right option for you.

One big pluses for these machines is that they offer moving arms which will allow your upper body plenty of room during the workout. Also, these machines fold very simply, ensuring you can fit it into even the tightest of spaces.

However keep in mind that the pro form 495 pi tread belt is not quite up to par with a few other of it’s competitors models. Therefore, you are sacrificing some luxury for price.

Generally, as stated above, these machines are intended for those on a budget. If you invest in one of these machines, you won’t receive a flashy display, style, advanced features and superior cushioning system in the basic variants of these crosswalk treadmills. You get the necessities, and that’s it.

Despite its’ lack of options and luxury features, if you simply want a great machine that will meet your treadmill needs, the pro form 495 pi treadmill is right for you. No, it doesn’t offer a lot of luxury and add-ons that other machines might, but it certainly will help you to reach your workout goals, whatever they may be. Therefore, if you are on a budget, then certainly the pro form 495 pi should be at the top of your shopping list.

Source by Josh Neumann