A Review of the Network Marketing Software Suite by Panoramic Universal Limited

IT Systems India is now known as Panoramic Universal Ltd. It is now one of the fastest growing technology companies in India; with more than a hundred centers across the country. The company have also made some inroads into the software education market, they have centers throughout India and have now ventured into the New Zealand market. Its software package along with its expertise in e business and IT training is rapidly gaining Panoramic Universal an international presence.

Panoramic Universal have developed a suite of network marketing software which offers integrated solutions to those who use it. This great software will help you to earn more revenue; it provides faster generation and accuracy of commission which will help to increase the loyalty of your customers – a necessity if your business is going to keep on growing.

This network marketing software is something that every corporate business would want as it has all that any business will need from a multilevel marketing application. The main purpose of this network marketing software is to streamline your business efforts in a matter of days through an evolving system which provides rapid deployment and the efficient capture of automatic data. This gives users a complete picture of what is going on across their company; an invaluable tool when members may be scattered across national boundaries.

When getting software designed, some good features to ask for would be:

Genealogy Tracking

Customer Tracking


Stock Control system

Credit Card Gateway Integration

EasyPay integration

Recurring orders

Back Orders

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Calculations

Real-Time Courier Costing Integration

Hostess Gifting

Multi-Branch Support

Dealer Controlled Branches

Dealer Controlled Depots

Dealer Website Replication

Dealer Access to Back Office

Dealer Credit Card Facilities via Mobile Phone WAP

User Defined Menu Structures

User Defined Security Levels and Groups

Integration with 3rd Party Gateways such as EasyPay, PayGate and NetCash

Partly Integrated with the following accounting systems: SAP and MYOB

Integration with UTI Sun Couriers and Berco Express

This is an activity based approach to multilevel marketing which generate powerful analytic results that gives the ability to calculate your revenue and produce accurate reports and cash projections as you work. Commission is calculated online each time a member adds someone under them. There are also some target driven bonuses. At the end of the year after reviews and appraisals have taken place there may be promotions

This network marketing software by Panoramic Universal is designed for businesses of eighteen levels but which can be altered to suit individual requirements. It handles commission and ranks membership collection targets; the software can also handle the occasional promotional strategies and campaigns.

Panoramic Universal network marketing software can also deal with a number of locations and branches as it has the ability to synchronize data from different sources.

The company is rapidly expanding beyond the borders of India; its software is already used by businesses around the world. If you really want to succeed in multilevel marketing; increase your revenue and your customer base with little more effort than a few touches on the keys then you it is well worth trying this network marketing software.

Source by Brian Garvin