Brides Magazine: Make Sure Photog is Using ‘Cannon or Nikon’


Brides magazine recently published an advice article titled “Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer,” and some of the “pro tips” may raise eyebrows among wedding photographers.

In addition to asking about style, backups, copyright, editing, and archiving, Brides says that it’s essential to ask a potential wedding photographer about the technology they’ll be using.

When asked about the gear they use, your wedding photographer “should say either Cannon [sic] or Nikon, which are the most readily available professional cameras available,” says wedding photographer Tiffani Matsuura in the article.


Experienced wedding photographers who shoot with other brands or who have switched to mirrorless cameras in recent years would probably beg to differ.

The article also says that “Your photographer should be able to describe their equipment and lenses,” and that “Your photographer should know their ‘Low Light’ process very well and should be able to describe how they accomplish their signature night look.”

Brides is the same magazine that sparked some controversy earlier this year by telling brides not to feed their wedding photographers. The magazine was first published in 1934 and currently has a circulation of over 300,000.

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