Bose SoundLink Vs Jawbone Jambox – A Comparative Review

The Bose SoundLink and the Jawbone Jambox are currently two of the more popular wireless speakers on the market. They are both portable speakers which work with Bluetooth enabled devices and give the user the freedom to bring the audio experience with them. By the end of this comparison review you should be able to have a clearer idea of which of these two wireless speaker is better suited for you.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

The Bose SoundLink is a wireless speaker which is designed with portability in mind. It weighs a little less than 3 lbs. and can conveniently be dropped into a backpack, satchel or large purse – really any sort of decent sized carrying bag. It also comes equipped with an integrated magnetic cover which protect the front end when in transit and doubles as a stand when it is set down.

It is also very easy to use and can be paired up with a Bluetooth enabled device literally in seconds. The SoundLink can store up to 6 devices at one time. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is rated for 8 hours of continuous use – which will vary on how loud you play it. The Bluetooth range is fairly good at about 30 feet and there were no connectivity issues.

Understandably, a speaker of this size and purpose will not match the sound reproduction of a dedicated home sound system – but the SoundLink’s sound quality is impressive. It produces a balanced sound which is marked by clarity and fullness. It also can get loud when needed without loss of sound quality and distortion.

Jawbone Jambox

The Jawbone Jambox is a wireless speaker which can also function as a speakerphone. It is compactly built and weighs less than 1 lb. – which makes it ideal for packing away and transporting. It also has a rubberized top and bottom, which not only makes it easy to grip, but also gives the device a certain degree of surface stability when it starts pumping out the beats.

The Jambox is simple to set-up and pairing to Bluetooth devices is quick and painless. A great feature of this device is connecting to the MyTALK platform on the Jambox website to not only get software upgrades and apps but also being able to personalize it. As far as customization, you can change the voice (yes- it does talk to you!), language and activate/deactivate whichever features you want to. The Bluetooth range is fairly good at over 30 feet. It’s battery is also rated for at least 10 hours of continuous play.

In regards to audio quality, the Jambox produces a well balanced, robust and clear sound. It sounds really good in small areas but in larger spaces can get drowned out by the surrounding noise. Also, while it does get loud for a speaker this size, the sound output isn’t overwhelming. The Jambox also works great as a speakerphone and proved itself quite capable in conference call situations.

Head to Head

For most people comparing wireless speakers, the biggest concerns are sound quality, pairing/connectivity and price. In terms of sound quality, both the Bose SoundLink and the Jawbone Jambox are a definite upgrade over the sound output of most smartphones, tablets and computers. While the Jambox has good overall sound, it is better suited for smaller spaces as it does not get overly loud. The SoundLink is the choice if you are looking for more powerful, room-filling sound. Both devices are easy to set-up and pair up. They are also fairly equal when it comes to Bluetooth range and battery life. When it comes to price, the SoundLink is, on average, $100 more than the Jambox. The Jambox also offers speakerphone capabilities which the SoundLink does not. Obviously, the decision between these two quality wireless speakers comes down to what your individual needs are – and hopefully you now have enough information to make that choice.

Source by Vincent North