Who Would You Want to Take Your Portrait? 10 Top Photographers Share

If you could pick anybody, alive or dead, what photographer would you choose to take your portrait? That’s the question DPReview just asked 10 well-known photographers.

In episode 2 of the fun new series DPReview Asks, DPR took 10 well-known pro photographers and asked them who their dream portraitist would be. Amy Vitale, Peter Hurley, Gerd Ludwig, Tony Gale, Brian Smith, Cliff Mautner, Jerry Ghionis, Jared Polin, Ron Haviv, and Bambi Cantrell all had the chance to answer, and some of their responses were kind of fun.

For example, in the most non-traditional answer of the bunch, Jerry Ghionis joked that he would take “a selfie with Jesus.” While photographer Jared “Fro” Polin pulled a story out of photography history when he named Yousuf Karsh, the man who famously snatched the cigar right out of Winston Churchill’s mouth.

Check out the full video up top to hear all the answer (including Ghionis’ more serious one) and then let us know your answer in the comments down below.

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