MiNT Unveils the Slick SLR670-S Noir, a Polaroid Camera Worth Drooling Over


If you’re a Polaroid camera lover, you definitely need to check out MiNT’s latest creation. The classic camera purveyor just unveiled the special edition SLR670-S Noir, a Polaroid SX-70 dressed in black and gold and upgraded to offer a ton more control over the photos you’re taking.

This special edition “Noir” version of the SLR670-S was built to celebrate a company milestone: 10,000 reimagined SX-70s turned into the company’s “SLR670” series and sold to happy customers.

Unlike a traditional SX-70 you might find online, these are in amazing working condition and come complete with a brand-new mother board and “electric eye” to ensure auto exposure works like a charm. You also get manual shutter speed control up to 1/2000th of a second, and two Auto modes, A100 and A600, for using low and high ISO film without having to calculate exposure.

Oh, and it’s not hard on the eyes either:




As you might expect, the SLR670-S Noir is not cheap. These limited edition refurbished Polaroids go for $675 a piece by themselves, and that’s not counting the money you’re going to have to spend on film. But if you’re a hard core Polaroid collector and you’ve got some spare cash to burn through… well… let’s just say there are uglier cameras you could spend even more money on.

To learn more about the SLR670-S Noir or pick one up for yourself, head over to the MiNT website and take a look.

(via Digital Trends)

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