What Services Does a VA Offer?

Virtual assistants provide various services to small business owners to help with the tasks that are needed. Each client or business owner need different types of tasks done, so deciding what services you will offer can be difficult. The more successful VA’s provide several different services to increase their chances for more work contracted to them.

Each Virtual assistant should be able to provide some basic services for their clients. Most clients look for support in email management, customer service duties, organizing files and typing documents. Some other basic duties that VA’s are called upon to do are writing and sending mailings, scheduling specified tasks for the client and message board moderation.

While those services are essential for your Virtual assistant business, it would be more beneficial for your business to offer services that are above and beyond just the essentials. Some offer services specific to their target audience while others offer services that require special training to perform.

Some of those services include:

· Website designing/updating – This would require some special skills to perform, but can be lucrative for a VA business. Clients are always looking for someone to build them a personalized website or to help them update items on a regular basis.

· Accounting/Bookkeeping – Accounting is a specialized skill, but is an often sought after service for clients looking to hire a VA. Bookkeeping isn’t quite as specialized, but some experience would be needed to entice a client to hire you to perform it for them.

· Desktop Publishing – Some experience would be needed, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be work related experience. If you can provide some excellent samples of newsletters, business cards, and brochures, you can probably catch the eye of a client who is looking for support in this area.

· Power Point Presentations – This is an area that doesn’t necessarily require experience in doing, but you should be able to provide some proof that you know the power point presentation software program well. The more you know about the finer aspects the program provides the better off you’ll be.

· Writing – There are several different types of writing a VA can offer. One can write articles, eBooks, blog posts, and even forum posts. You can also offer editing/proofreading services as well as article submissions to directories. Press release writing is a more specialized service and would need some experience, but is a popular service people contract VA’s for.

There are many more services you could offer for your VA business. Appointment setting, concierge services, inbound/outbound sales, branding/logo designing and even internet researching just to name a few. Take a look at the target audience you’re planning to market to and see what kinds of services their businesses would need before you decide what you will offer for your VA services.

Source by Nell Taliercio