What is Offshore and Offsite Development?

There comes a time in the life of a business owner, e-commerce operator, project developer and even webmaster when it just makes sense to delegate responsibilities and outsource projects, in fact this a signal that your business is growing and that more responsibilities are coming your way. When you face this vexing situation you have a couple of choices you either take on the project are and try to do it yourself in order to save some capital or you can appoint someone else to do it for you in order to manage opportunity costs more efficiently.

Off shore and offsite development consists in the delegation of responsibilities and projects to a professional group of people who have dealt with projects such as the one that you all are now outsourcing, whether it is software development, database architecture and design (Oracle, SQL) or e-commerce, it is important to keep in mind that using an offshore solution for your projects can make financial sense.

When it comes to offshore development you should not only take in consideration the financial costs of your project but you should also consider that by outsourcing the development of your project you now have more time to focus on additional tasks which will effectively double your productivity, this is what is referred to as opportunity cost. In a nutshell, opportunity cost refers to the things or opportunities that you’re giving up by doing something else, in other words if you take on the task of developing an application all by yourself you might be able to save some money but you will not be able to do other tasks that may be equally important.

When working with an offshore development company it is important that you have a clear set of objectives and goals that your project needs to meet, you can think of this step as a Flowchart where everything goes from point a to point z in an organized manner. Providing clear instructions and the goals your project must meet will offer clear guidelines for the offshore development company to follow, this will minimize the number of bugs that a software application may have an increasing number of features. Offshore development is not only about costs but it’s also about quality assurance which is why outsourcing your projects to such companies just makes sense.

Source by Robert Melkonyan