This Woman Tried to Publicly Shame a Photographer, and It Backfired


One woman just received a big lesson on how NOT to treat photographers, and one photographer is being praised for how she handled an extremely difficult client.

It all started when the woman published her private conversation and dispute with the baby photographer on her town’s “Cheers and Jeers” Facebook page (where locals can share gripes, complains, raves, and praises) in an attempt to shame the photographer for giving her bad service:


After reading the conversation, however, the town’s residents overwhelmingly voiced their support for the photographer and how she handled the woman’s behavior. One of the residents then took screenshots of the thread and published it to Reddit, where it went viral.

Here’s the conversation posted by the photography client (the blue text boxes are the woman’s messages, and the gray ones are the photographer’s responses):


The woman posted this conversation in hopes that others would side with her against the photographer, but things didn’t go according to plan. Here’s a sampling of the responses to her post:


As you can see, the woman’s “jeer” turned out to be an ad for the photographer that may have attracted at least one potential future photo client.

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