This Video Explains How Light.Co’s Fancy 16-Camera Camera Works—makers of the 16-module L16 camera that purports to put 52-megapixel DSLR quality in your pocket—get a lot of questions about how exactly their wonder-cam will work. So they made a video that explains it in plain English.

The video shows how, by using multiple cameras to shoot multiple images simultaneously, they are able to generate ultra-high resolution high dynamic range photographs with 3D data baked in. With a single press of the shutter, the L16—now out in the wild, being tested—captures several photos, letting you select both focal length and focal point after the fact.

The video explains exactly how this all works: basically, by deconstructing a DSLR lens into multiple components that capture multiple images. Those images are then intelligently layered together to create a high res whole that gives you unprecedented control and quality.


Light says they will be ready to start shipping out L16 cameras in early Q2 of 2017, and when they do, backers will have a pleasant surprise waiting for them: brighter apertures than originally stated.

Originally the camera was to have all f/2.4 apertures, but since then the engineers have managed to improve on that number. When it ships, the L16 camera will feature 5 28mm modules at f/2.0, 5 70mm modules at f/2.0, and 6 150mm modules at f/2.4.

Here are a few sample images captured using the L16 prototypes in the wild and published by Light. Pixel peepers can download all three of these images in high resolution at this link.




For the latest info about and where they are with the L16 camera right now, click here. And if you’d like to see more image samples, those are here.

Image credits: All images courtesy of Light.

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