This 4K Macro Timelapse of M&Ms Dissolving is Mesmerizing

The Beauty of Science project stumbled across something awesome this week when they dropped different color M&Ms into a petri dish of water and watched them dissolve. You’d never guess it, but the colorful “show” these dissolving candies put on is absolutely captivating.

Once BOS producer Yan Liang discovered this delightful display, he hooked up his Sony A7r II and captured a 4K timelapse of the dissolving action. He starts with individual colors, and then moves on to two and, finally, three M&Ms at a time. The results look like something from deep space… or a human iris expanding.

Whatever you see when you look at these M&M ‘ink blots,’ they’re beautiful. Check out the video up top and high res stills below:











To see more beautiful science react, dissolve, and expand before your eyes, check out the Beauty of Science website or give their channel a follow on Vimeo. This isn’t the first time their videos have been featured on PetaPixel … probably won’t be the last, either.

Image credits: All photographs by Yan Liang/Beauty of Science and used with permission.

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