The Magic of Russian Photoshop Whiz Max Asabin

Max Asabin is a Russian hobbyist photo retoucher and digital artist who has been wowing the Internet as of late with his Photoshop skills. Many of his creations involve combining various photos together into seamless composite portraits of people.

After blending in pieces of pictures to create his scenes and inserting the subjects, Asabin works to match the lighting to make the people fit in. Here’s an animated GIF showing a step-by-step look at how the portrait above was composited:

Want to see more? Here’s a collection of his before-and-after images followed by step-by-step animations showing their creation:

You can find more of Asabin’s work and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, and Deviant Art.

Image credits: Photographs by Max Asabin and used with permission

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