PhotoTracker Lite Browser Add-On Helps You Hunt Down Your Photos Online


If you’d like to see how your photos are being used across the Web, there’s a new free browser extension that lets you do so with one click. It’s called PhotoTracker Lite, and it makes it easy to quickly search multiple major reverse image search engines.

The extension is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and Yandex.Browser. Once you’ve installed it, you can right click any photo in your browser and search the Web for it using Google Images, Yandex Images, Bing ImageMatch, and TinEye.




“This extension can help you to track online usage of your images if you are photographer and have online blog where pictures can be viewed and stolen as well,” the PhotoTracker website says.

Here’s a 1-minute video showing PhotoTracker Lite in action in a Chrome browser:

To get started with using this tool to search for your own photos, head on over to the PhotoTracker Lite website and hit the large “Add to Chrome” button.

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