Photographer Gets an Entire Wedding to Do the Mannequin Challenge

This might be one of those few times when the word “epic” applies. For her latest newsworthy feat, celebrity wedding photographer Suzanne Delawar managed to get an entire wedding—wedding party and guests—to stand perfectly still several times for the #mannequinchallenge.

To call this impressive is a big understatement. Most wedding photographers can’t get wedding guests to simply stay out of their way, somehow Delawar was able to get them to all stand perfectly still several times over.

Funny enough, both Delawar and the bride Jemima had the idea to do this at the exact same time.

“It’s a funny story,” Delawar tells Adorama TV, “I had the idea and called Jemima. She laughed and said, ‘Oh my god, Suzanne, I had just sent you a message on Instagram asking if we could do it!’”

The resulting 1:30 video probably turned out better than either of them expected though. It’s brilliant, documenting the entire wedding—from bride and groom prep, to seeing the bride for the first time, to walking down the aisle, to the dance floor—frozen in time.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed almost 5 million times on Facebook, where it has over 104K likes, 87K shares, 10K comments. We’d say that’s a job well done…

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