Oldest Known Nikon Camera Sold for a Whopping $409,000 at Auction


The oldest surviving Nikon camera is now also the most expensive. We reported back in October that the third Nikon 1 rangefinder ever made would be hitting the auction block at Westlicht with an estimated max value of $200,000. Well, that camera just sold for roughly $406,000, more than double the original estimate.

The final hammer price of the auction, including fees paid by the buyer, was €384,000, or about $406,000. It seems that some collector really wanted this piece of history from one of the top camera brands in the industry.


In case you missed hearing about this camera the first time around, here’s what the auction’s description stated:

The earliest known surviving production Nikon in the world! Nikon started in March 1948 to assemble cameras (with serial number 60922). The offered camera is one of two cameras made in April 1948 and the 3rd of all Nikon production cameras. It comes with the original early Nikkor-H 2/5cm no.70811 (this is the 11th lens made, with matching Nikon cap) and is still in fantastic original condition.

Still containing the original shutter, the camera was from the collection of the famous Japanese camera collector Tad Sato, who we’re guessing is very pleased at how the auction went.

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