Obama and Pete Souza Look Back at 8 Years of White House Photos

CBS Sunday Morning aired this 5-minute segment in which President Obama and official White House photographer Pete Souza look back at 8 years of Souza’s photography.

As Obama prepares to step out of the White House after two terms, Souza is also wrapping up his second stint as White House photographer: he was also the official photographer for Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Over the past 8 years, Souza has captured roughly 2 million photos that show Obama in both public situations and unguarded private moments. Some of the photos are deeply personal, while others may go down in history as iconic images.

In addition to shooting with his multiple Canon DSLRs, Souza has also captured a large number of photos using his iPhone.

You can find Souza’s official archive of White House photos through this Flickr photo stream. We’ve also shared a number of interviews and features with/of Souza over the past several years.

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