How to View 360 Degrees With a Single Business MegaPixel IP Security Camera

In the interest of providing better quality video coverage with less security cameras, Arecont Vision released their AV8360 8.0 MegaPixel SurroundVision IP Security camera. This camera provides a full panoramic 360 degree view all the way around the camera. These AV8360 cameras can be mounted inside or outside of your business, and provide full coverage from a single camera. The high definition 6400×1200 total resolution video provides great quality video that can even be used for forensic zoom in after the fact.

This Arecont Vision AV8360 camera has 4 x 2.0 MegaPixel image sensors built-in with 8mm megapixel lenses, providing 6400 x 1200 total resolution around the entire 360 degree viewable area. No other security camera provides this total 360 degree coverage with the same high definition 8.0 MegaPixel video quality. Traditional “fish-eye” style cameras can provide close to 180 degree coverage, but the picture quality is extremely distorted so it is difficult to even tell what you are viewing. The AV8360 camera has broken these traditional stereotypes for security cameras, providing a full 360 degree view from a single camera without the “fish-eye” camera view. The image from each of this camera’s image sensors appears in a separate viewport, without requiring separate IP camera licenses for each camera.

The AV8360 Arecont Vision camera can also be mounted outside using an optional ceiling pendant mount bracket or wall mount bracket which can also be equipped with a heater and blower to protect the camera from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. These cameras have become very popular for parking lots, gas stations and other outdoor areas where it is difficult to provide good coverage without requiring many different cameras.

Source by Michael Dunteman

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