If you don’t play with your food, it’ll just have to go play by itself! That seems to be the message behind photographer Benoit Jammes‘ fun photo series Skitchen, which features all sorts of fruits and veggies bustin’ sick skateboarding moves all around the kitchen.

Benoit, now a 36-year-old Paris-based graphic designer, used to skate a lot as a kid. Even today, he still harbors a great love for the sports, which gave him the idea of capturing “the secret sporting life of our friends, the fruits and vegetables.”

“There’s no magic in this series,” he joked in an email to PetaPixel. “The most difficult thing is to be discreet enough to get the perfect shot of a perfect grind without being seen, hehe!”

Of course, there is a tiny bit of Photoshop help, but these aren’t all that difficult to shoot either. Here, for example, is a before and after of one of the shots:



It just takes some super simple compositing and a little bit of creativity to create something fun and refreshing. Or, in the case of the last photo, a tiny bit gory.

“I don’t skate anymore, these days I honestly prefer a great dinner to a huge sporting session,” Jammes told us. “I hope these photos will make people hungry… or maybe even encourage someone to break out the old board.”

Check out the rest of the series below:










To see more of Benoit’s creative photography, head over to his website or give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credits: All photos by Benoit Jammes and used with permission.

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