Don’t Fall for B.S. Camera Gear Ads

If you’re into photography enough that your feed gets filled with a bit of camera porn from time to time, you’re likely to have seen the $55 8x telephoto lens for cellphones being sold by The Outdoor Spirit.

The image being used to sell the product is so poorly composited, so unethically marketed that I had to say something to that point on their page. I was fairly concise with my assessment.

… and they have since blocked me, which may be the best compliment I’ve received thus far this year.

The $55 Telelens for SmartPhone by The Outdoor Spirit

Please don’t fall for B.S. material of this nature. We all want lightning in a bottle but all too commonly forget we’ll be fried if barefoot while holding it.

In other words…

NO. This product does not do what they say and show it to be capable of. Not just with moon images but with the ridiculous raptor-in-flight ad they also have running around. Neither does it suddenly turn your cellphone into a DSLR killing machine.

A photo found on the lens’ product page on The Outdoor Spirit.
A photo found on the lens’ product page on The Outdoor Spirit.

It already is one out of convenience (much to the chagrin of camera manufacturers everywhere) but, I’m sorry, it isn’t one out of color depth, dynamic range, or linear resolution. It is physically impossible for a cellphone to take as deep and scaled an image as a DSLR where color and acuity are concerned no matter how many Apple commercials attempt to state otherwise.

A photo found on the lens’ product page on The Outdoor Spirit.
A photo found on the lens’ product page on The Outdoor Spirit.

The technology is excellent for what it is and your cellphone is likely to be the best camera available that fits into the back pocket of your skinny jeans BUT, unfortunately, your cellphone is thoroughly outclassed by many cameras that can fit into cargo pants or a simple jacket.

As it is: Yeah, these Outdoor Spirit people got under my skin. As I said in the comment they removed: “I love shite photoshop when it’s used to unethically market shite products, ESPECIALLY those in the photo industry. Don’t fall for it. I don’t CARE if it looks cool. So did the DeLorean.”

About the author: Marc Morris is a photographer, self-professed optics nerd, and industry professional of 20 years (10 of which have been in the field for 3 different manufacturers). The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. Landscapes and nightwork are his catharsis. You can find his work and connect with him on his Instagram and Facebook.

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