Conference Calls Have Multiple Advantages

They are greener, more convenient and save time. Conference calls are a great way for businesses to hold meetings, bringing people together in an easy and efficient way.

Conference calls are telephone calls which enable more than a two people to participate. Video-conferencing is a natural extension of audio calls, but of course, more equipment is needed.

Although three-way audio calling is available to many home telephone users, the main purpose of multiple-person conference calls is for business. Meetings, conferences (literally!), and presentations can all be handled by the technology.

The advantages are many.

– They save time and travel. Participants from many different locations only have to walk to a meeting room in their building rather than traveling cross the city, the country, the continent, or even the world to attend a meeting.

– They are environmentally friendly. Without the need for car travel, or train travel or air travel the benefits to the environment are obvious.

– They save money. As they save time, travel and the environment, the savings in money follow quite naturally.

– They save stress. The stress of travel and everything that goes with it is gone. And so is the possibility of leaving your meeting notes many miles behind!

Another benefit is that a meeting can be recorded; so much easier than laborious minute taking!

The costs can pale into insignificance when you take into account the amount of time and travel you will save.

Conference calls are a must for the twenty-first century.

Source by James T King