Chronos Hits Kickstarter: $2,500 21,500fps Camera Smashes Goal


After generating a considerable amount of hype, Chronos has landed on Kickstarter, and the dream of a 21,500fps high-speed camera at a price point of $2,500 is catching on like wildfire. The campaign reached its funding goal of ~$48,000 in about 5 hours after going live.


“Chronos 1.4 is a purpose-designed, professional high-speed camera in the palm of your hand,” creator David Kronstein writes. “With a 1.4 gigapixel-per-second throughput, you can capture stunning high-speed video at up to 1280×1024 resolution.”

“Frame rate ranges from 1,057fps at full resolution, up to 21,600fps at minimum resolution.”

In other words, the startup is trying to bring ultra-high-speed cameras from price points of $25,000 down to what ordinary people can afford.

Here’s some sample footage showing what Chronos can do:

Features of Chronos include a 8.45×6.76mm CMOS sensor, a global shutter, an electronic shutter with speeds up to 1/500,000s, CS and C mounts, focus peaking, ISO 320-5120 for color and 740-11840 for monochrome, a 5-inch 800×480 touchscreen, a machined aluminum case, AC adapter and battery power, audio IO and an internal mic, HDMI out, SD card storage, and more.

The camera’s software will also be open source, allowing the general public to help contribute to the project.

If you’re interested in supporting the project and possibly receiving one of the first units if it succeeds, you can pledge about $2,800 in the Kickstarter campaign.

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