‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ is a Must-Watch Netflix Show for Photographers

If you appreciate visual art and aesthetics—and, if you’re reading PetaPixel, chances are good that you do—then you absolutely must watch the new Netflix original docu-series “Abstract: The Art of Design.”

The newly minted 8-episode series follows “eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today,” and ever since it came out on Netflix we’ve been receiving email, after tip, after Facebook message about it. Now that we’ve gotten around to actually watching it, we could not recommend it more highly.

Even though only one of the eight episodes follows a photographer—world-famous portrait photographer Platon—all eight are worth binge watching your way though immediately. They will give you a new appreciation for the creative process, inspire you to take your own work to the next level, and leave you amped up to go out and create something new right away.

There’s not much more we look for from a documentary series, much less one that isn’t even about photography in particular, but about the much broader pursuits of “design” and “art.” Check out the series trailer up top; if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch all 8 episodes right now at this link.

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