A Look at the Lytro Illum, The Camera of the Future That Failed

Back in 2014, the light field camera company Lytro unveiled the $1,600 Illum, a camera of the future that shoots 40 “Megaray” photos and lets you refocus photos after they’re shot. The tech specs were fancy, but no one bought the camera, leading to massive price cuts and eventually a complete change of direction by the CEO. The 5-minute video above is a hands-on look at the Illum.

“The thing I can’t get away from is that the image quality just isn’t that great,” tech reviewer Austin Evans says in the video. “Don’t get me wrong: this is an incredible piece of technology […] At the end of the day, the pictures are interesting, it does a lot of very cool stuff, but the tech just doesn’t feel fully baked to me.”

In April 2016, Lytro announced the Lytro Cinema, a 755 megapixel cinema camera that the company calls “the ultimate creative tool.”

(via Austin Evans via ISO 1200)

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