9 Fun & Creative Instant Photography Ideas to Try this Week

Let’s start the week on a creative note. Our friends at COOPH have released a fun new video packed full of tips and ideas that will help you break out of that creative rut and flex your instant photography muscle.

If you’ve been thinking of picking up an instant camera lately, this video might just push you over the edge. Created with some help from photographer Lisa Kutzelnig and her new Leica Sofort, COOPH gives you 8 fun and creative instant photography ideas, plus one bonus idea at the very end.

We’re listing all 9 below, complete with sample images, but you’ll definitely want to watch the video for a breakdown of how each of these shots was created.

1. Instant Photo Panorama


2. Instant Panorama Sequence


3. Colorful Pantone Wall


4. Double Exposure


5. ‘Ghosting’


6. DIY Kaleidoscope


7. Old School Hyperlapse

8. 3D Cutout


9. Portrait Collage


Image credits: All photos courtesy of COOPH.

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