CMOSIS Reveals Eye-Popping 48MP Full Frame Sensor that Shoots 8K 30fps


‘Spray and Pray’ photography is being taken to as yet un-dreamt-of heights thanks to a new sensor from CMOSIS. This full-frame sensor not only packs 48MP worth of resolution, it can apparently capture 8K video at 40fps, and 4K at 60.

You read that right… the CMV50000 is a slightly-bigger-than-full-frame CMOS sensor (it measures 36.43 x 27.62mm) that boasts the capability to shoot 8K video at a mind-bending 30fps—that’s thirty 33.2 megapixel photos every single second. This sensor promises to crush both the decisive moment, and the external storage industry.

Oh, and it features a global shutter design, so you won’t get any of the distortion that comes with a rolling shutter when shooting fast moving subjects.


This monster of a sensor wasn’t actually designed for photo and videographers—CMOSIS created it to replace the high pixel count CCD sensors used in many machine-vision cameras and high-end security cams—but it doesn’t take a big mental leap to imagine the potential uses for creatives who refuse to sacrifice resolution for speed or visa versa.

Here’s hoping it makes its way into an insane consumer-grade camera sometime in the near future.

The CMV50000 is currently only available in black-and-white, but a color version will be available by the end of 2016. To learn more about this sensor, head over to the CMOSIS website; and if you happen to be a camera manufacturer, you can already order the CMV50000 for ~$3,800 per unit.

(via DPReview)

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