You WILL Fail as a Photographer

Here’s an encouraging 14-minute video by landscape photographer Thomas Heaton about the truth of failure.

If you’re just starting out in any genre of photography and looking around at the amazing work of experienced photographers, it can be discouraging to see how your typical photos stack up. But remember that you’re just looking at a small selection of the best work of a huge pool of photographers, Heaton says.

“After having spoken with several photographers over the past few weeks, it occurred to me than many thought they weren’t good enough because they had yet to capture that magical moment,” writes Heaton. “I thought it would be beneficial to make this video and explain how it really works.”

All photographers experience failures and setbacks and “misses” in their pursuit of the magical moments that lead to amazing photos. And there are generally more failures than successes. Instead of becoming discouraged and giving up, though, continue on and persevere in hunting for your own great photos.

“Keep going, because the rewards are so worth it,” Heaton says.

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