Wildlife Photography is a field of the Photography in which photographers from around the world stroll into the forests seeking wild animals. It takes a special intuition to learn about the wild animals and their nature.Approaching all the animals in the forest in a clichéd manner might get one into trouble most often. As a wildlife photographer one is trained in ways to approach the animals and they must also be well equipped to capture these animals.

The Forest will definitely has animals and creatures of various species and as a wildlife photographer one must carry lenses of different focal length and also macro lenses, some to capture smaller insects and birds. While prancing through the forest he/she might find many landscapes that are unimaginable and eternally pleasing to look at. Such landscapes often cannot be captured in a single shot and hence wildlife photographers take photos of the landscapes in a row and get them stitched as one panoramic image. The process implemented to get the panoramic images is called image stitching. I’m sure the question now arises in your head about what Image Stitching is, the answer is quite simple.

Image Stitching is a process of putting together multiple images from end to end to offer the complete view in one image. The best of photo editors will help you merge multiple pictures and convert them into a single image, giving the look of a perfect picture. Panoramic photo editing necessitates meticulous attention to finer details, and skill and hands-on-experience in using the advanced photo editing techniques.

Panoramic images are difficult to stitch and it takes an experienced editor to do perfectly. It takes a lot of effort and commitment considering the intricacies of the work in hand. Many firms around the globe offer Image stitching services, all one has to do as a wildlife photographer is upload the images to a trustworthy firm and the editors at the firm will take care of the rest. These freelancing firms also offer other image related services like,

· Image clipping services.

· Photo Mask services.

· Image stitching services.

· Image restoration services.

· Image retouching services.

· Virtual Staging services.

· Real Estate Enhancement services.

· Sky Replacement services.

There are many other areas where Panorama stitching has made a huge difference. Real estate is one field where Image Stitching and Panoramic view is widely appreciated.Although it sounds possible to process these photos, it actually is not. Only trained professionals can stitch them and give the desired result.

Source by Abdul Oits G

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