I suppose you’ve heard a lot about voice recognition software, especially with companies like Google marketing Google Voice. There are a lot of people selling this type of software on the Web. The thing that they don’t tell you in their sales pitch is, in order to get flawless documents from your dictation/audio is to speak perfectly, with perfect annunciation, perfect grammar, without false starts or “Um” or “You know” or “So…” and then you have to count on the software to work perfectly. The problem is, no dictator is perfect, and no voice recognition software is perfect.

Thus, you end up with garbled unintelligible mush that you or someone else has to deal with. In the end, you would be much better off hiring a reasonably priced transcriptionist to transcribe your audio or video perfectly the first time. If you don’t, you’re paying for very expensive software that doesn’t do the job completely, then paying for it to be gone over with a fine tooth comb by a paid transcriptionist for errors. That’s just not a good use of your money or time.

The answer? Hire a freelance transcriptionist to work for you who has your best interests in mind and who is willing to follow your document needs to the letter. You don’t have to use a large corporate transcription service. They’re too impersonal and deal with such a large volume of documents that you get lost in the shuffle.

Find an IC at home transcriptionist who will work for you personally and be your personal transcriptionist. They aim to please, and you will be delighted at the great quality of work they turn out in record time!

Source by Angela Leuice

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