Photographer Jesse James Allen has created a touching tribute to his photography mentor, Charles Howse. In the 6-minute video above, Howse shares an insight into what makes a “great image.”

“This is a tribute to my mentor who, in 2007, showed me how to create an image before the shutter was ever pressed,” explains Allen. “His time and teachings greatly influenced my career.”

Howse is clearly a man of great creative wisdom, having spent many years behind the camera, and during this video interview he shares some excellent advice that all photographers should hear. He explains that one of the most important parts of taking a great portrait is having strong communication between the photographer and the subject.

“Snapshots happen when people don’t know you’re there,” Howse says, describing the act of taking a candid image. “But that’s not a portrait.”

“For far too long I thought a great image had to be technically great,” continues Howse. “But I’ve come to realize that the technical aspect is less important than the artistic or compositional aspect.”

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