This 76-Year-Old Has Spent His Entire Life Repairing Cameras

Milan-based filmmaker David Drills made this short film titled, “Master of Camera”. It’s a beautiful 2-minute portrait of Gian Luigi Carminati, a 76-year-old man who has spent his entire working life repairing cameras.

“In his small workshop in Milan, he takes care of old cameras with just a set of screwdrivers and a lot of patience,” Drills writes. “We were deeply touched by these thoughts about photography coming from a self described ‘technician’ instead of a photographer.”

Carminati at work. Still frame from "Master of Camera."
Carminati at work. Still frame from “Master of Camera.”

Having seen the photography and camera industries grow and evolve over six decades, Carminati has strong views and passions regarding the subjects.

“When digital came it felt like my job was over,” Carminati says in the video. “Back then if a person had a Rolleiflex his whole family could live on it. Things are different now, a lot has changed.”

The seasoned repairman also has a strong preference toward monochrome photography.

“The color distracts you from the image,” he says. “Black and white is… true photography is black and white.”

(via David Drills via ISO 1200)

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