This 4K Aerial Timelapse Inspires Fresh Awe of Iceland’s Epic Landscape

Iceland’s spectacular landscape is the subject of many a photo project, majestic engagement shoot, and epic timelapse. So how did Evosia Studios manage to create something that stands out and inspires fresh awe for this beautiful country? They took to the skies…

Ethereal is Eviosa Studios’ aerial ode to the Icelanding highlands, in 4K of course. Every frame of this beautiful creation is a RAW photo captured from above by the DJI Inspire 1 drone and stitched together later in LRTimelapse. The final product was then edited in 4K60 in Premiere Pro before making it to your computer screen and into your wanderlustiest dreams.

Eviosa Studios creator Henry Jun Wah Lee says he chose timelapse to accelerate the footage “just enough” that you can see things the naked eye typically misses, without seeming frantic, but this choice posed some challenges. “It took a lot of patience to shoot and edit this,” he tells TCP. “The biggest challenge was that any flaws in movement get magnified in timelapse.”

It’s no small feat to overcome this challenge, but Lee did it, and created an incredible aerial tour in the process. Watch it for yourself up top, and then head over to the Eviosa Studios website to see more of Lee’s impressive work.

(via The Creators Project)

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