The Cokin Riviera Classic is a Retro Tripod that Matches Your Retro Camera


Cokin’s new Riviera Classic tripod is a long time coming. It was only a matter of time before the “retro” craze hit the tripod market, leading to the Riviera Classic’s tagline: “A modern tripod for retro cameras… and visa versa.”

Inspired by old camera design, the Riviera Classic combines leather, wood, and aluminum into a beautiful final product Cokin has dubbed both “timeless” and “sturdy.”

“Riviera Classic is the tripod that was missing to affirm the neo retro look of current cameras,” says the company. “Every details have been carefully thought, right down to the tightening dials of the Riviera Classic, inspired by the ones found on retro cameras.”

Those dials are made of knurled aluminum, and they complement the leather-clad brushed aluminum legs, and an Iroko wood handle hand-crafted by Atelier Farol at La Rochelle, France. This tripod is part stabilizing mechanism… part hipster collectors item. Take a look:









The tripod extends to a max operating height of 63 inches from a folded height of just 23.6 inches. It weighs 3.4 lbs but can carry up to 11 lbs and, of course, it comes in a retro-inspired soft pouch carrying case made of leather and hessian fabric.


Created in collaboration with tripod maker Slik, neither company has revealed a price tag for the Riviera Classic just yet. But if you want to learn more about the tripod and keep an eye out for an official ship date/price, you can do that at this link.

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