You’ve probably seen photographer Sean Tucker‘s work around, on PetaPixel if nowhere else, but did you know he didn’t start his photographic journey until his 30s? In this video, he shares his inspirational journey from priest, to photographer/waiter, to full-time photographer.

“I wasn’t always a photographer. In fact I had a totally different career in my 20’s which just didn’t work out. So, at 30, I found myself having to start a new career from scratch,” Sean told us when he sent in this video.

“I decided it might as well be something I loved and so I took the risk and began at the bottom as a photography freelancer. It wasn’t easy, but this video gives you some of lessons I learned, and what to expect if you’re thinking of taking a similar leap.”

Starting from scratch on a brand new career at 30 was, of course, terrifying. It felt, says Sean, like the rest of his peers would continue growing without him while he fell progressively farther behind. But that’s not what happened, and his experience might help reassure you that you can pursue that dream if you’re in a similar situation.

It won’t be easy; every journey starts with winter. But eventually, if you’re patient and persistent enough, springtime will arrive.

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