Side-by-Side Photo of the Fuji GFX and Pentax 645z Shows Size Difference

We all know mirrorless cameras are smaller and more portable, but when it comes to medium format, what does “portable” really mean? This photo of the mirrorless Fuji GFX 50s next to Pentax’s 645z gives you an idea.

The photo was captured by photographer Dominique Schreckling, who set the Fuji GFX next to his own Pentax 645z at CES last week. The Fuji is sporting a 32-64mm f/4, the Pentax 645z a 28-45mm f/4.5. “I am really impressed at how small the camera is compared to my 645z,” writes Schreckling on the GFX Facebook group.

What do you think? Right now, the Pentax is the most affordable option for those looking to get into medium format; if Fuji is able to match or beat that price, will size (or lack thereof) be the deciding factor?

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

Image credits: Photograph by Dominique Schreckling and used with permission.

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